“You’ll be good for our group”: Canine Proprietor Urges Edmonton Elkhounds

EDMONTON – While the Edmonton Football Team searches for a new name, a local dog owner is making a place for the Edmonton Elkhounds.

The option is one of seven names the football club is considering after shortlisting suggestions from the public.

“They are a very tough breed,” Kendra Tkach told CTV News Edmonton. “They are great in cold weather and I think they would be good for our team.”

Elk dogs are Norwegian hunting dogs that were originally developed to track down and hunt large game.

Tkach works at a pet store and says there are fewer than three dozen in town that she is the proud owner of.

“I just want to support our breed. They are great family pets and I just want to support the elk dogs,” she said.

The Edmonton Football Team said the name was chosen as a possibility because of the animals’ loyalty and fearlessness.

“We want to expand the brand to include the fan and gaming experience, and how does this name – how do all these names fit – and they all fit that criteria,” said Chris Presson, CEO of Edmonton Football Club.

Tkach admits she doesn’t think Elkhounds are a front runner with the public, but no matter what the vote goes, she’ll remain a fan.

“Go moose dogs!” she exclaimed.

The public can vote on their favorite name until Sunday, February 14th.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s David Ewasuk

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