Winter sports activities are again at Edmonton Sport and Social Membership, and we’re within the recreation

To be honest, we have mixed feelings about winter. Some of the parts we love include the infectious holiday vibe, the option of excess (because baggy clothes) and the opportunity to make yourself comfortable on the couch in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate. The parts that we kind of fear are the 7-8 extra minutes we need each time before we get off, the shorter days and longer nights, the indolence and lack of socializing. Fortunately, while there is little we can do about the first two, we have a solution for the latter two Edmonton Sports and Social Club. And your winter registrations are now open. YAY indeed!

If you haven’t lived under a rock, don’t need an introduction to this adult-only sports club that has been in town for nearly 20 years. You would think the ESSCIts popularity is due to the fact that it fulfills two basic human needs, namely staying active, staying healthy and socializing. Well, it’s only partially true.

The main reason that the ESSC A favorite of the city (and ours too) is that it made sports doable for everyone – professionals, amateurs, solo players, friends (the list goes on). Basically, it’s the sporty equivalent of a homemade sundae, and like the latter, you love every bit of it.

To give you an idea of ​​the degree of customization, here’s how it works – you can choose which sport you enjoy from the 10 different indoor sports, choose your skill level from beginner to expert and everything in between, and decide if you want to join in yourself and make friends / teams as you go, or take your gang to a league or tournament. Whatever your athletic needs or preferences, ESSC got you covered.

The long list of indoor sports includes volleyball, ball hockey, basketball and soccer, among others. You can see the full list here.

This was just the “Sports” page of the club. They also do justice to their “social” side. The club has teamed up with several bars across town with crazy deals to make sure your social game is as current as your actual game. And we don’t mean any one-of-a-kind bar. They teamed up with some of the best in town, like Campio Brewing Co, The Canadian brewhouse, 02’s Taphouse & Grill, and State & Main.

Clearly that Edmonton Sports and Social Club is one of the best things that happened to league sport in town. So do yourself a favor and take advantage of their winter registrations, which will end on December 15th when the leagues start in mid-January. Oh, and have your vaccination card to hand because you need it to take part in all leagues and tournaments.

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