Well-known Japanese cheesecake chain opens its first location in Edmonton

Exciting food news for anyone living in Edmonton. The hugely popular Japanese chain Pablo Cheese Tart has just opened its third Canadian bakery and has chosen YEG as its newest location.

This Osaka-based brand is known for its “revolutionary cheese tarts” and cheesecakes in a variety of flavors and sizes.

The brand creates classic cakes with creamy fillings, crispy crusts and glazed apricot jam and typically offers a whole range of delicious pastries and drinks to round off their offering.

From the classic apricot option to matcha, chocolate or the purple Okinawa Benii, there is sure to be something you like at the new location in Edmonton.

The YEG bakery opened its doors on April 24th and limits purchases to two large cakes and two boxes of mini cakes per person to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their goodies.

Pablo’s currently offers signature freshly baked cheesecakes in two other Canadian locations in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario. A location in Calgary is also coming soon, according to Pablo Cheese Tart’s website.

Pablo Cheese Pie – Edmonton

Address: 10163 81st Avenue NW
Phone: 587-415-9866

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