Three to Eat: Some savory circles of Style of Edmonton sampled

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Uninterested in pouring hot and spicy onto the existing heat in this body-baking weather, I sort of just chased delicious-looking, complicated recipes in vaguely round shapes for this category, ranging from the deep-fried to the cold-rolled. One bonus thing I noticed this time is when you buy a few courses at once, circling around the dishes makes things much more interesting. I definitely recommend getting the following three in one symphonic swoop, especially if you have a buddy to help you eat them as you move through the Pac-Man maze.

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1. Jian Bao from Hong Kong Bakery (3 tickets, Booth 11)

This would have been good enough as three sweet little pork buns, but the candied, pickled onions and salty dipping sauce on the plate make it more of a meal. Pan-fried, there’s a nice crunch on the bottom and, honestly, this is enough food for a light lunch on its own.

2. Arancinia Mushroom and Truffle from Italia Mia (4 tickets, Booth 15)

A little on the pricey side (almost $7 worth of tickets even at their bulk cheapest), this delicious, deep-fried ball of rice, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and truffles is still delicious, especially dipped in the buttery aioli and garlic dip. Again, you could probably have this and a glass of water and be good till the next meal.

3. California Roll at Sushi by Tokyo Noodle House (2 tickets, Booth 17)

I know, really went out on a limb here, eh? Still, at two tickets and a basic guaranteed flavor quality, something with a little crisp cucumber, smooth avocado and a bit of seafood in the mix was just what the doctor ordered. And don’t forget to eat all that ginger on the side to freshen your breath, you never know who you might be smooching tonight!

— Fish Griwkowsky

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