This stunning backyard terrace gives among the best views in Edmonton

If you are looking for a classy meal with a great view? but get tired of the concrete jungle in downtown Edmonton, I have the perfect suggestion for your next date.

Is this beautiful restaurant hidden? in a garden and is without a doubt one of the most beautiful courtyards in Edmonton. You will forget that you have to pay a parking ticket, that your job is 10 minutes away, and your boss is begging you to come over on your day off, and that it is 1000 degrees outside.

In this secret garden restaurant All you have to worry about is what kind of fresh food you fancy, how comfortable the breeze is, how cute the fish are in the pond, and how beautiful the flora is.

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When the weather is so warm and sunny like lately (and the whole week) you are pretty much obliged to go out and enjoy it – especially since there will probably be snow on the ground in a month …

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You can even stroll through their greenhouse once you have finished your meal!

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The restaurant is aptly named Branches, and it will definitely be your next destination for a meal. They are located at 23108 Highway 16. To check their hours, visit their website.

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