This Edmonton Meals Truck Serves Up North America’s Longest Fries

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned side serving of french fries. Fries might even be one of the greatest and most versatile dishes known to man. I mean, think about it – there are waffle fries, curly fries, sweet potato fries, thin fries, thick fries – I could go on all day! Everyone has their own preference of which type they like best, and which fast-food chain serves up their favorite.

Well, for all the Edmontonians out there, it’s time to throw away everything you know about your fry preferences and get ready for a new type of fry that is going to rock your world. May I present, Freakk Fries – the longest french fries in North America.

I have two words after feasting my eyes on these bad boys: yes please Freakk Fries are 10-12 inches long (!!!) and are definitely bigger than your head. They come in four different flavors: Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Chipotle, Cheese Please, and Yummy Chocolate (yes, chocolate fries).

If you’re a total fry lover, you definitely need to track these guys down. Where can you get them? Golden Bunch Food Truck in Edmonton! Food trucks are super fun to hunt down, and it makes the food so much more rewarding when you do. This is definitely a bucket list item to cross of your list this summer!

For more information on the food truck and to follow their whereabouts, toss them a “Like” on Facebook!

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