This Edmonton bar was simply ranked among the best in Canada proper now

Canada’s best bars for 2022 have been unveiled, and the list takes a look at the country’s top drinking establishments from coast to coast. One Edmonton bar is in the top 20, can you guess which one?

First off, let’s look at the list as a whole. According to Canada’s Best Bars editor Alexandra Gill, nearly half of the 2022 winners are new or newly listed bars. This includes Vancouver’s Laowai, which was voted Canada’s best new bar. As for the top spot this year? That goes to Toronto’s Civil Liberties, which has taken the coveted #1 position from Bar Raval, also in Toronto – which won the past three years.

Proof in Calgary came in at the 12th spot, and at 15 is Edmonton’s own Clementine.

Located at 11957 Jasper Ave, Canada’s Best Bars states that “Clementine’s bartenders work with challenging bitter, botanical and smoky flavors so adeptly that one cocktail calls for a half-ounce of Angostura.”

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It also mentions the “green fairies”, stating “with almost a dozen green fairies on offer, this is the place in which to adopt the persona of a historically minded bon vivant, sipping absinthe in a dark art nouveau room with fellow tortured artists. ”

Besides its drinks, Clementine offers small plates, and natural wine. The spot doesn’t take reservations, but has a happy hour daily until 6 pm.

And if you plan to visit, it’s recommended you try a Vieux Carre, or other classics, for $10 on Tuesdays!

Cheers Edmonton!


Where: 11957 Jasper Ave
When: Tuesday-Thursday: 5-11 pm, and Friday-Saturday 5 pm until late

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