This adventurous Insta-famous cat moved to Edmonton

An adventurous Insta-famous cat has moved to Edmonton and you must follow her wanderings around the city.

Gary the Cat, a six-year-old house cat, has already sailed up the River Valley, set sail on the North Saskatchewan River and rode on its owner’s paddleboard.

“He’s just sitting in the front of my boat, enjoying the sun, sniffing the breeze,” said Gary’s owner, James Eastham.

Gary the Cat (James Eastham)

Gary and James moved from Canmore to Edmonton.

His adventures are well documented and well followed. His Instagram account has more than 400,000 followers.

“People like the photos, he’s a pretty cute cat,” said Eastham.

He’s even more popular at TikTok, exceeding 450,000 followers. Some of his videos even break the five million view mark.

“We hike, paddle, ski together,” said Eastham, who was slowly taking Gary for walks after he loved to escape his apartment and soak up the outdoors before taking him on full-blown nature adventures, mostly around Canmore.

“The longest hike was 22 miles, of course Gary didn’t walk it all,” said Eastham. “He goes absolutely something, how much he goes depends on how he feels that particular day.”

“I’m going up the hill, Gary will go down the hill. He doesn’t like to go up and do the hard work, so typical of a cat, ”added Eastham.

Eastham hopes to take Gary with him to popular areas outside of town like Elk Island National Park and the Pembina River.

But for now, the two of them have a lot to do in town.

“Paddling on the river, we’ll do a lot.”

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