There’s meals below $ 10 in Edmonton and you will need to strive all of them

If your bank account has been looking a little empty lately, you are not the only one. But just because it’s tight doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some incredible food. There is food under $ 10 in Edmonton and you must try them all.

Edmonton’s food scene is pretty underrated if you ask us. The city is full of fantastic restaurants, all of which serve some of the most unique dishes from a wide variety of cuisines.

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While some of these options definitely cost a pretty penny, there are plenty of eateries that can grab delicious meals without breaking the bank.

From giant cakes and hearty breakfast croissants to some greasy donairs, no matter what type of food you like, the items on our list are sure to please you.

Even if the dishes are under $ 10, don’t stop browsing here. You will find that some of the restaurants have so many delicious offerings at affordable prices that you will keep making plans to go there.

As an Edmontoner, it’s so easy to get into the takeaway routine every weekend. But sitting at home gets boring over time, especially if some of these restaurants are designed for a classic dine-in experience.

So, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to check out the local spots, now is your time.

Maki rolls

Price: $ 9.95 +

Cuisine: Japanese

Address: Watari Restaurant, 10108 124 St., Edmonton, AB

Why you have to go: This sushi place already has a fantastic all-you-can-eat menu that is hard to resist. But if you can’t afford the $ 30 for it, you should definitely try the equally rewarding California Rolls.

Ube Nanaimo bars

Price: $ 4 +

Cuisine: Filipino

Address: Yelo’d Ice Cream, 0152A 82 Ave., NW, Edmonton, AB

Why You Must Go: This cute Whyte Avenue eatery offers delicious ube-based soft ice cream and baked goods; Hence, you can expect their offerings to be super unique and oh so purple.


Price: $ 7.50 +

Cuisine: French patisserie

Address: Duchess Bake Shop, 9570 76 Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB

Why You Must Go: This bakery has tons of fantastic baked goods, including macarons, croissants, pies, scones, and more. Their sour cream cherry cake is just another one of their delicious baking creations that you have to try at least once.

Vegan poutine

Price: $ 8.25 +

Cuisine: Canadian

Address: La Poutine, 8720 109 St., NW, Edmonton, AB

Why You Must Go: This restaurant is basically a poutine palace. There are so many different combinations and flavors that you will forever fall in love with the Québécois dish. Your vegan plate is a great option if you want to enjoy the product without packing the pounds.


Price: $ 8.50 +

Cuisine: North American

Address: Vi’s For Pies, 13408 Stony Plain Rd., Edmonton, AB

Why you have to go: This trendy cafe has one of the best atmospheres in town. Your selection of sandwiches, cakes, pies, soups and quiches immediately makes you one of their most loyal and regular customers.

Croissant sandwiches

Price: $ 8.50 +

Cuisine: French

Address: Chocorrant, 10328 124 St., Edmonton, AB

Why you need to go: This bright croissant cafe is heaven for lovers of baked goods. While you should definitely buy some of their sweet and savory croissants in bulk, don’t forget about their croissant sandwiches, which are filled with flavorful, nutritious ingredients.

Falafel Donairs

Price: $ 6.50 +

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Address: Roma Pizza & Donair, 11819 40., Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Why you have to go: One of the most delicious pizzerias and Donair spots in town is hidden within sight. This underrated eatery sells delicious creations that are so delicious you will wonder why you haven’t found this place yet.

Green curry stew bowls

Price: $ 9.25 +

Cuisine: Vegetable cafe

Address: KB & Co, 10224 104 St., NW, Edmonton, AB

Why you need to go: The fact that you get a hearty bowl of green curry, onions, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, and more for such an affordable price is worth ordering in and of itself. The avocado toast and wraps in this plant-based place are just as delicious.

Hawaiian style donuts

Price: $ 2.75 +

Cuisine: Hawaiian

Address: Ohana Donuterie, 10347 80 Ave., NW, Edmonton, AB

Why you need to go: This is not your normal old cafe; This place sells some phenomenal Hawaiian style donuts, each with their own unique filling combinations. Whether chocolate-coconut, mango-jalapeño or pumpkin spice, all donut wishes are fulfilled here.

Korean fried chicken

Price: $ 7.50 +

Cuisine: Korean

Address: Seoul Fried Chicken, 7904b 104 St., NW, Edmonton, AB

Why You Must Go: There’s a reason this place has line-ups all the time – their fried chicken is just out of this world. Although you will have to spend between $ 13-14 to get your hands on one of their signature platters, feel free to try their five-piece bowl to see what the offerings are all about.

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