The last word information to boba and bubble tea in Edmonton

Edmonton has some seriously tasty boba and bubble tea spots.

But not all are created equal.

There are SO many places to grab these drinks now because they’ve become so popular. It can be hard to know which ones to go to and which ones to skip.

Some make tapioca balls from scratch, while others make artificially overly sweet sugar drinks.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best of the best.

This is the ultimate guide to the best places to get boba and bubble tea drinks in Edmonton.

the alley

Known for serving up high-quality tea drinks and specializing in beverage aesthetics, The Alley makes its own sugar cane syrup, handpicks its tea leaves, and even makes its own tapioca from scratch. It’s called this “deerioca,” a twist based on the signature deer head logo.

Address: 11966 104th Avenue, Edmonton

Address: 6183 Currents Drive, Edmonton


Gong Cha

The Brown Sugar Series at Tawainese tea empire Gong Cha is a great selection of treats to try if you love bubble tea.

Address: 8882 170th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 10236 103rd Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 10342 81st Avenue NW, Edmonton



Get the Dirty Milk Tea or latte from this spot and you won’t be disappointed. Made with fresh house-made brown sugar syrup with caramelized brown sugar pearls and fresh milk, you’ve got to try this treat.⁣

Address: West Edmonton Mall, Phase I Food Court – 8882 170th Street NW, Edmonton



This Taiwanese bubble tea brand is one of the largest teahouse franchises in the world, and there are quite a few locations in Edmonton now. The drinks at Chatime include the signature milk teas, flavored milk teas, smoothies, slushies, specialty drinks, jelly drinks, and of course, brown sugar pearl drinks.

Address: Various locations


Xing Fu Tang

With its traditional recipe of stir-frying pearls with Taiwan-imported brown sugar, it’s a style and taste you can only find at ​Xing Fu Tang. In addition to the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea, you can also order other unique flavors, such as Strawberry Pearl Milk Tea and Matcha Pearl Milk Tea.

Address: 1088-9499 137th Avenue, Edmonton

Address: 3955 Calgary Trail, Edmonton

Address: 18483 Stony Plain Road, Edmonton


dream tea

Sprinkled throughout the city, Dream Tea is an easy introduction if you are looking to have bubble tea for the first time. The menu is extensive, and check out the food while you are at it, too.

Address: 2160 109th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 11242 104th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Address: 7912 104th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 158 9450 137th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Address: Suite 2584, Phase III, West Edmonton Mall, 8882 170th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 5065 Ellerslie Road SW, Edmonton


Meet Fresh

Meet Fresh offers bubble tea that isn’t overly sweet. If you are looking for great Taiwanese desserts, too, this is your spot.

Address: 1412 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

With four locations spread out across Edmonton, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is an easily accessible spot for anyone yearning for some great bubble tea. Strawberry Latte and Bubble GaGa are menu standouts.

Address: 10147 109th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 580 Griesbach Parade, Edmonton

Address: 8882 170th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 2920 Calgary Trail NW #110, Edmonton


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