The fortunate Edmonton lottery winner had a ticket inspection routine

Edmonton LOTTO 6/49 winner Sheldon McNeill always checks his lottery tickets before bed, although he doesn’t always win $ 1 million.

McNeill says he has a routine that he adheres to when scanning the tickets.

“I like to check my lottery tickets before I go to bed,” he told Western Canada Lottery Corporation in a news release. “I always check the numbers on the website and then scan the ticket in the app to see what I’ve won.”

His ritual doesn’t usually end with a million dollar win, but on May 8th. The Edmonton resident checked his ticket and found that he had won that night’s guaranteed competition.

After looking at the WCLC website, he knew he was a big winner, but he stuck to his routine anyway. “With that ticket, I knew I had won a million dollars before I scanned it,” said McNeill. “But I scanned it in the app anyway – I wanted to see a million dollars on the screen!”

McNeill has a few ideas for his lottery wins. The Edmonton man plans to pay some bills and share some of the happiness with his family, though his main plan has yet to wait a while.

“When it’s safe to travel again, I want to go to Las Vegas,” he said. “I would love to see the Green Bay Packers play against the Las Vegas Raiders – I think that would be really cool.”

McNeill told the WCLC that he would also like to travel to Wisconsin to see the Green Bay Packers play at home.

“I know I’ll have some fun with the money,” he said. “But the best part is that when I play the lottery I have always dreamed of knowing that I am financially ready. To have this security and never have to worry about money, that’s unbelievable. “

McNeill’s lottery ticket was purchased at the Summerside Husky at 818 91st Street SW in Edmonton.

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