The Edmonton People Music Competition takes it to the streets for a live performance within the Edmonton neighborhood

The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is changing the situation this summer with a street concert in its neighborhood.

The popular summer festival announced on the weekends from July 16 to August 8 “Taking it to the Streets” with 40 concerts in the form of small neighborhood shows from the hills to the city.

The new concert comes after the festival announced in April that the 2021 Edmonton Folk Music Festival will not be held in Gallagher Park this summer.

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“After much debate, we decided to try something new and bring music to the community,” said festival producer Terry Wickham in a press release on Tuesday morning.

“This year’s celebration is special and I think it offers an intimate experience that isn’t always available in large venues. It’s also a great opportunity to meet neighbors and celebrate the local community. “

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Wickham spoke to Global News that he would have one concert on Friday, three on Saturday and two on Sunday.

“We bring artists with us. We bring all of the pieces with us, like sounds, microphones, sound systems, delay towers, etc. so they’re going to be pretty small, ”he said.

“It’s pretty acoustic and it’s going to be pretty folkloric.”

He expects high demand.

“First come, first served doesn’t apply. We look at everything, make sure it’s appropriate, and then measure how many there are, ”he said.

“Maybe it will actually happen, we may have to draw a lot. I don’t think we can meet the demand well, but at least 40 ways will have a good time. “

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The festival has partnered with Epcor to offer small concerts. An application is currently open for Edmonton area residents to hold street concerts and enjoy the sound of folk music from the comfort of their vestibule.

“The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is one of the most iconic summer traditions in our city,” said Stuart Lee, President and CEO of Epcor. “Thanks to the enthusiastic musicians and festival organizers who started this project to bring music to the front doors of the locals.”

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Artist fees, program and production costs are subject to the festival. The organizer is responsible for organizing street concerts with neighbors.

“I think this will be in the hands of 16 local musicians and their supporters,” said Wickham.

“You will be busy. It is good to do something. I’m not going to pretend to be or replace a festival, but it’s something and money in the hands of Edmonton musicians. Will be called. “

0:512021 Edmonton Folkfest canceled due to COVID-19 mutant epidemic and vaccination uncertainty

2021 Edmonton Folkfest canceled due to COVID-19 mutant epidemic and vaccination uncertainty – April 12, 2021

The festival organizers cited several reasons for canceling this year’s traditional event, including the inability to keep unvaccinated people and patrons socially at bay.

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The festival will also have several online shows this year. More information will be published in the coming weeks.

According to Wickham, small street concerts will follow the public health guidelines of all Alberta Health Services and organizers will adapt to changing scenarios.

“No matter what happens, people can stay on the lawn, so it doesn’t violate the AHS guidelines. This is one possibility. It could be 5 people, or 10 people now. , May change with a small number of people. Like last year, 250 people are allowed to come together. If so, people can take beach chairs with them on the street. We’re like a block party. We’re blocking the streets, but instead it’s a block concert, ”he said. ..

“When you are on the street you have to be more careful and you may need a mask, but it’s flexible … In the worst case scenario, you have to stay on the lawn. That’s okay. We. Bring you a concert and you have your own washroom, you have your own hand sanitizer, etc. You will be at home so we don’t see any problems with either method.

“Security will be great.”

For more information on registering for a summer street concert, visit Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Website..

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The Edmonton Folk Music Festival takes it to the streets for a concert in the Edmonton neighborhood

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