The Edmonton Excessive Faculty Scholar Membership resumes its initiative to assist classmates in want

It’s the time of giving – and that’s exactly what some ME LaZerte high school students do.

The school’s student interaction club is helping fellow students whose families are in trouble during the vacation by continuing its annual Helping Hampers campaign and launching a GoFundMe page.

To date, the students have raised over $ 7,000, said Michelle Sabourin, executive director at ME LaZerte.

“Much of it is going to support families in need, just like this holiday season,” Sabourin said on CBC’s Radio Active earlier this week.

About 60 ME of LaZerte students routinely forego food and other necessities, the school says. The Helping Hampers campaign therefore focuses on meeting the individual needs of these families.

The baskets are filled with necessities instead of holiday-specific items, because not everyone celebrates Christmas. This year families in need were given a shopping list to choose from.

The club launched its annual Helping Hampers campaign to help fellow students in need. The school says about 60 students regularly go without food and other necessities. (Michelle Sabourin / MELaZerte High School)

However, the club can also help with providing Christmas gifts, Sabourin said, adding that there is no cookie cutter to help every family.

Some baskets have already been delivered to families, but many other families will receive their baskets in the New Year.

“End of January is just as tough, if not harder, for families than December,” said Sabourin.

All baskets are handed over personally, which gives the ME LaZerte advisory team the opportunity not only to have a positive exchange, but also to let the families know that they have support.

Adopt-a-teen program added

Given the success of the campaign, the Student Interact Club added an Adopt-a-Teen program to the project.

The program encourages individuals and businesses to purchase gift cards for stores where teenagers can shop. The school forwards the gift cards anonymously to pupils in need.

The Adopt-a-Teen program extends beyond the holiday season and continues throughout the school year.

Club builds community connection

ME LaZerte School’s Student Interaction Club is a student-run organization sponsored by the Rotary Club in northeast Edmonton that focuses on leadership skills.

Hemes Temraz, a 12th grade student and club president, says the club helps integrate people into the community.

“They really give us a ton of opportunities to learn how to be a good leader, to get involved in the community, and to learn how to be a lifelong volunteer,” Temraz said.

“Rotary connects us with the community and helps us to receive the donations and also to gain their support.”

LISTEN | Helping Hampers program:

8:25Helping Hampers program

Students of the ME LaZerte Interact Club get involved to raise funds for fellow students who are in need during the holidays. 8:25

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