The brand new Costco Edmonton opening is at present and it’s essential to know that

Finally the time has come! Edmonton’s brand new Costco Wholesale Business Center is officially open and it is a big day for the masses.

The new Costco Edmonton opens on Tuesday April 6th and is the fourth of its kind in Canada.

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What is a Costco Wholesale Business Center?

The new Costco concept is open to all members and while it looks like the bulk store we all know and love, it’s actually very different.

Over 70% of the products in these stores are completely unique and designed to serve businesses of all sizes.

There are over 3,200 restaurant, shop and office products for sale. Of course, any Costco member can buy the products, especially if they like to save money by buying in bulk.

“The Costco Business Center concept is already a success in Ontario and Quebec, and we look forward to bringing the same benefits to Alberta companies,” said Marc-André Bally, vice president of Business Centers and Ancillary Businesses, Costco Wholesale Canada in a press release.

Where is it?

The brand new Edmonton Costco is located at 10310 186 St. NW and is open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 6pm and Sunday from 9am to 6pm

This location has its own fleet of trucks so it can offer next business day delivery “to addresses within a delivery zone that spans the Edmonton area.”

Membership is $ 60 for a year or $ 120 for an executive membership. If you’re already a member, you’re good to go.

What can i buy there?

As I said, things are great here at the new Costco. You can get huge 16-liter barrels of rapeseed oil, huge 36-kilogram parmigiano wheels, 10-kilogram jars of peanut butter, and much more.

Those who like to bake will find “large format” flour and sugar up to 25 kilograms as well as commercially available mixers and kitchen machines.

If you own a business or just love to buy huge things to save money and save yourself a visit to the store, you will love this place.

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