The bar fare for transit in Edmonton is predicted to rise to $ 4

The proposed 2022 operating budget recommends a cost increase for most tariff options

The cash price for transit in Edmonton is expected to rise to $ 4 in February.

The operating budget for 2022 currently submitted to the city council recommends a cost increase for most tariff options, including monthly passes and tickets. The cash price will experience the largest percentage increase, going from $ 3.50 to $ 4.

The budget also includes an increase in most permits and usage fees in the city, as well as for recreational centers and attractions, with the exception of admission to the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The fees for visiting the zoo are falling across the board, and admission for children has fallen by 13.5 percent.

It also calls for an increase of $ 11.9 million in the city’s police budget.

The council is expected to continue deliberating on the 2022 budget on Wednesday.

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