Thanks for vacation kindness, however want for donations continues: Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution

While Edmonton’s Food Bank says a significant amount of donations were raised over the holiday season, the need for more help continues into 2023.

The final tallies of donations generated over the festive campaign were released by the food bank last week after it officially ended on Jan. 6.

Edmontonians contributed 300,000 kilograms of food and $3.5 million throughout the holiday season since Nov. 21, the food bank said, including through events like Candy Cane Lane and The Citadel Theater’s A Christmas Carol production.

“It’s so great to have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays while helping others,” said Marjorie Bencz, food bank executive director.

“Usually with the donations we receive during the festive season, we are able to stockpile food for the new year, but with the increasing number of people in Edmonton requesting food help, we are concerned about 2023,” Bencz added in a statement.

“Regardless, thank you for your continued support and help.”

According to Edmonton’s Food Bank, in an average month, more than 30,000 people are using its services and at least 350,000 meals or snacks are handed out.

To find out more or how to donate, visit the food bank’s website.

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