TAKOPO: Japanese restaurant opens West Edmonton Mall location

TAKOPO has been a prevalent Japanese street food truck in Edmonton for some time. Today, November 21, the team opens its first permanent location in West Edmonton Mall.

Located in the Phase III food court, this food spot is another addition to the long list of great places to eat at WEM.

Serving fun twists on nigiri, tempura, and other classic dishes, this place specializes in takoyaki.

Takoyaki is one of Japan’s most popular street foods that we don’t see here very often, and this spot makes some pretty wild ones with different toppings and fillings.

The takoyaki at TAKOPO are the classic balls made with a dashi-infused batter, but with toppings that include wasabi, cheese, and creamy sesame, all with your choice of filling, like octopus, scallops, or mushrooms and corn.

You can also decide on other included fillings, like ginger, onions, bonito flakes, and more.

Other street food items have a real sense of flare, like the flame nigiri, whether you want salmon served as it is, or topped with jalapeno, cheese sauce, or sriracha.

As for one of the most popular Japanese street food dishes (tempura), the creations here are as interesting as they are tasty. Glazed Wirth sauces like peaches and cream and honey garlic, this is a fun new way to enjoy the crispy snack.

Stop by this weekend, say hello, and treat yourself to some deep-fried octopus balls while shopping at the famous mall.


Address: West Edmonton Mall – 8882 170th Street NW, Edmonton


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