Spring into the Future 2021 will make attendees snicker and study in assist of Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution

It is vitally important to help participants regain their lives and regain happiness as we recover from this painful pandemic.

It’s time for fun, laughter and renewal because spring is here. This Spring into The Future fundraiser for Edmonton’s Food Bank has what people need right now to move from the pandemic to the post-Covid era. Since both co-hosts survived the near death, there is a lot to share and the participants will laugh and learn well into the evening. Seana Collins, broadcaster and speaker, will host the event. The raffle prizes include a vintage signed Wayne Gretzky 99 NHL jersey. Music and comedy by Martin Murphy, lead singer of PreTenors, bring paparazzi to rock. The co-moderators Dr. Allen Lycka and Connie Pheiff will bring with them the stories and advice everyone needs to be unstoppable and get happy again!

“Can’t wait to share some of the metaphorical golden pearls, including laughter. I learned on my journey how important it is and how healing it can be to overcome adversity, ”says Dr. Allen Lycka. “Helping attendees regain their lives and regain their happiness is vital as we recover from this painful pandemic.”

Help is on the way. “I am very happy to be helping to organize the Spring in the Future fundraising campaign. I am honored to be part of an incredible team and, together with Dr. Lycka to collect the much-needed dollars for the Edmonton Food Bank. This organization exudes passion and determination and strives to make a significant impact on its community, ”says Connie Pheiff.

Edmonton’s Food Bank is working with GiveAMask.ca to ensure people have access to reusable masks during the pandemic. Many people have been hit hard financially and there are additional costs to stay safe during COVID-19, especially masks are needed for everyday activities.

“We are Dr. Grateful to Lycka and Connie Pheiff for their decision to support Edmonton’s Food Bank. We rely on public donations to help our neighbors in need and are now providing tools to stay safe due to the pandemic, such as masks for those struggling with poverty, “says Tamisan Bencz-Knight, Manager of Strategic Relationships and Partnerships, at Edmontons Food Bank. “We look forward to the fun as we share more about the work of Edmonton’s Food Bank.”

Event information: May 6, 2021 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. MDT, virtual zoom event, all information and ticket purchase worth USD 10 can be found here on Eventbrite.

About Dr. All luck

Dr. Allen Lycka has been one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists in the world for three decades. Today he is the creator and host of How to Live A Fantastic Life and a three-time bestselling author, including the title The Secrets to Living A Fantastic Life. A TEDx speaker and international keynote speaker Dr. Lycka has been featured on hundreds of Podcasts, CBC, Global News, CTV News Channel, and in print online and offline. Learn more at http://www.drallenlycka.com.

Via Edmontons Food Bank

Edmonton’s Food Bank provides food to over 20,000 people each month through our basket programs. The Edmonton Food Bank does not receive core funding for food purchases or activities from any level of government and relies on the generosity of the community and food industry partners to serve those in need in Edmonton. More information is available at http://www.edmontonsfoodbank.com.

About Connie Pheiff

The CEO and Founder, Pheiff Group, Inc. Pheiff is the creator and presenter of the award-winning Connie Pheiff Show and hosts the Connie Pheiff Show TV with C-Suite Network. As the author of the bestselling Marketing Masters, Pheiff is also the founder of You are the Brand® and Talent Concierge. Learn more about Connie and these programs at http://www.conniepheiff.com.

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