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The best Spokane glamour photography studio translates your inner and outer beauty into an appealing image. This celebration of the human form is one of the best gifts for your wedding day or anniversary. They can even be used for headshots. At Kelly Tareski Photography, every client is special. We work with our customers to encapsulate and accentuate inner and outer beauty.

When should I schedule a glamour photography appointment?

The product of these sessions is the perfect romantic gift. When taken by a skilled craftsperson backed by an outstanding team, the images also provide an ideal headshot for aspiring models or talent.

Glamour photography is boudoir taken outside the bedroom. These intimate pictures spin your natural features into a tale of beauty. Every contour and curve mold an artistic masterpiece where you are the subject.

While you are in lingerie, these photos are tasteful. They are a celebration of the human form meant to be a perfect gift or act as the centerpiece of a modeling portfolio. Photographers work hard to get you to relax and find the poses and scenery that accentuate your personality, style, and looks. Every client is unique.

Spokane itself provides the perfect backdrop for any glamour shot. While the studio remains an essential part of our work, the state is awash in natural beauty. The soft lighting and rustic atmosphere create everything from classic Americana to more tribal scenery. Our photographers use everything at our disposal to highlight our subjects.

At Kelly Tareski Photography, we take care of our clients from the time they set foot in the studio to the moment they leave. Everyone deserves a quality photo session. Our makeup artists and scene designers create the backdrop for our award-winning photographer to propel your image onto the canvas. We help you define what it means to be sexy.

Where can I have glamour shots taken in Spokane?

With so much material to work with, Washington state contains many photographers. Finding the firm willing to work with you to match your vision is essential. A quality studio has a long lineage of successful work and a robust portfolio.

Our studio is recognized on an international level. The International Modeling and Talent Association awards businesses that excel at promoting aspiring talent at their annual conference. Kelly Tereski Photography took home the best headshot and branding award in both 2017 and 2018. We continue to work hard to provide high quality and terrific service.

The passion we carry to our work was recognized on a more local level as well. Expertise gave us the best photography studio in Spokane in 2016 and 2018 while Portrait Masters rewarded our team with their bronze accolade. We treat every photo session with care whether you are a professional model or not. Our make artist, set designer, and photographer take pride in their work and love a challenge.

If you are looking for a Spokane glamour photography studio, we can help. Glamour shots show you at your best. Get in touch or visit our website to view and an extensive sample of our work.

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