Snow day: That is when Edmonton often will get its first snowfall

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Edmonton has lucked out with an absolutely stunning September and October this year, it sure has been nice with no fear of an early dump of snow coming.

With all the warmth, it got us thinking over the past few years, when did the first significant snowfall of the season tend to occur in Edmonton?

Well, we reached out to the experts at Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and they combed through the past 10 years of data, and some of the facts may surprise you.

You might even remember some of the years when YEG got a wickedly early dump of snow or the years when it arrived blissfully later than usual.

How much snow must fall to make it count?

Around two centimeters of snow is the official first significant snowfall event, according to ECCC.

So, let’s take a look at when the first significant snow event was recorded at the Edmonton International Airport over the past 10 years.

2011: November 17, when 13.6 centimeters fell
2012: October 10, when 3.4 centimeters fell
2013: November 2, when 7.8 centimeters fell
2014: September 8, when 4.4 centimeters fell
2015: November 23, when 6.2 centimeters fell
2016: October 7, when 2.8 centimeters fell
2017: September 19, when 4.8 centimeters fell
2018: September 12, when 5 centimeters fell
2019: November 5, when 3 centimeters fell
2020: October 16, when 2.2 centimeters fell
2021: November 15, when 4 centimeters fell

Oh, and the latest time of measurable snow to ever fall in Edmonton? That happened in 2008 when the white stuff didn’t show up until December 2.

So, there you have it. So far Edmonton has beaten out six of the previous 10 years when it comes to the first significant snowfall event, let’s see if it will last into mid-November like it did last year.

By the looks of the early winter forecast by The Weather Network, Edmonton might be in store for an interesting winter, to say the least.

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