Shuttered eating places, lodges donate extra groceries to Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution

EDMONTON – Huge containers of sour cream, boxes of fresh vegetables, and more line the walls of Edmonton’s Food Bank. Mostly these are new donations from local restaurants and catering establishments that are closed due to COVID-19.

Several companies have donated food from their kitchens to reduce waste and help the blackboard keep pace with growing demand.

“Anyone who can move up strengthens,” Tamisan Bencz-Knight told CTV News Edmonton. “That is nice and is needed for us right now.”

As soon as it arrives, the food goes to the needy Edmontonians. And it is expected that more people will have to rely on the blackboard as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses.

The Marriott Hotel, Little Brick, New York Fries, and Aramark have all donated groceries in the past few days.

Many other Edmonton businesses have pledged to raise money and food donations over the next three months.

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