Senator Paul Talks Infrastructure, Masks, and Vaccines in Edmonton – Information40

EDMONTON, Ky. – U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., Visited the Edmonton Justice Center in Metcalfe County Friday morning to speak to local community leaders.

The community leaders present included the school principal, district judge, and other local officials.

Paul was talking about a variety of pressing issues.

He said again that N95 masks work, but he believes cloth masks do not offer protection from COVID-19.

He recommended people over 65 to get vaccinated, but turned down compulsory vaccination because of the idea of ​​immunity after infection with the virus.

Local guides also raised issues such as masks in schools, people not returning to work, and open borders.

News 40 asked for his thoughts on the federal infrastructure law.

“There are also huge subsidies for the climate protection agenda as well as electric charging stations. I don’t think the government is able to put charging stations everywhere on the side of the road. Most of the people who can afford electric cars are wealthy and they are Tesla, I think they can afford to install their own charging station.

“It also helps put gas stations out of business with the government so there is a lot in the bill that is not really infrastructure, it will add a lot of debt.

“Furthermore, it’s really two for one, Nancy Pelosi said she won’t pass the Infrastructure Bill unless Congress passes another $ 3.5 trillion and that $ 3.5 trillion that’s essentially going to be Adding them to debt is at great risk, leading to more inflation and more problems, ”said Paul.

It was revealed on Thursday that Paul had waited more than a year to announce that his wife, Kelley Paul, had bought shares in a company that carries out COVID-19 treatment.

Kelley Paul traveled to Metcalfe County with her husband.

“It is very important, we want to keep that in mind. This was in the public domain. This was in the media, this was the head of WHO who said they would get some good results with this drug when I invested in this one. So that was all publicly available information. And again, I was very hopeful that I was investing in something that could potentially be a cure, ”said Kelley Paul.

Senator Paul also visited Somerset and Russell Springs on Friday.

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