Sea Change Brewing Co. donates $ 13,000 to Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution with the assistance of consumers

EDMONTON – A win-win deal, Sea Change Brewing Co. called it.

Two weeks ago, Sea Change started refilling its $ 1 blonde ale in its taprooms in Edmonton and Beaumont Growler.

All you had to do was donate to the board.

“It’s been a crazy year, obviously tough for a lot of people,” Sea Change Brewing Co. founder Ian McIntosh told CTV News.

“How do we do something good for the community and do something that inspires and makes people happy?”

In one week, Sea Change raised about $ 5,000 so they brought the deal back for another week with $ 1 growlers of its award-winning Death Wave beer.

In total, the brewery filled 2,442 growlers “at breakneck speed” and donated $ 13,073.11 to Edmonton’s Food Bank.

“We found that a lot of people were obviously really excited about the awards and that everything was in good use,” said McIntosh.

“The value proposition to the people was really good. The Death Wave just won a gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards for the best light lager in the country, which we are really proud of. And our Blond Ale is our flagship beer.”

Sea Change also donates 10 percent of its Prairie Fairy sales to Fruit Loop, an Edmonton non-profit organization focused on LGBTQ2S +.

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