Right here is the prediction for the climax of the Persian bathe in Edmonton

It’s one of the greatest meteor showers of the years, but how clear will the night sky be for the climax of the Perseid meteor shower in Edmonton?

If you didn’t know, the Perseids can be seen from the northern hemisphere from late July to mid-August each year, according to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

The light show will peak on August 12th and 13th, with up to 50 to 80 meteors per hour grazing the sky.

The CSA says the show usually peaks in the darkest hours after midnight, and suggests looking up at the sky between moonset and dawn to see most of the night’s meteors.

Edmontoners hoping for a good show are in luck: Environment Canada is demanding clear conditions for both Thursday night and Friday night.

In order to be able to enjoy the spectacle to the fullest, the CSA suggests the following tips:

  • Whenever possible, stay away from the city lights, which make it difficult to see weaker meteors. To increase your chances of seeing falling stars, go in search of the dark sky in the landscape.
  • If you need to use a flashlight, put a red filter over the lightbulb (a red balloon will do). White light is very blinding and can affect your night vision.
  • Be patient. It may take a while before you see your first shooting star. Don’t give up too quickly … it’s worth the wait!

The Perseids are caused by Comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle each summer when the Earth crosses the comet’s orbit and traverses its debris trail. This debris turns into meteors when it dissolves into the atmosphere.

So keep an eye on the Edmonton sky, we should be happy!

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