Re / Max Area in Edmonton, Alberta, nothing to envy in comparison with the brand new Globe Life Area in Texas

In 2020 the Globe Life Field will be in TexasHome of the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball Team, inaugurated its new stadium with the latest in artificial playing surface innovation; B1K from Shaw Sports Turf. Jamie Reed, Senior Director, Medical Operations / Sport Science at Texas Rangers, was heavily involved in Shaw Sports Turf’s study to ensure that B1K is the best synthetic playing surface possible for their players. Mr Reed said, “I took part in this study to make sure this was the best synthetic playing surface possible for our players. I am very confident that this will be the best artificial playing surface in the game. “

In 2021, The Re / Max Field selected one of the leading engineering firms, Select Engineering Consultants, specializing in sports and leisure facilities, to design and select the best baseball playing surface on the market. Mr. David Price, the company’s senior landscape architect, has extensive expertise and knowledge of artificial turf surfaces and has a history of helping to research and develop innovative products for this ball game. Close cooperation and in the best interests of Mr. Randy GreggEdmonton Oilers’ Managing Director of Baseball Edmonton, physician and former five-time Stanley Cup champion for the Edmonton Oilers, Mr. Price selected the B1K artificial baseball turf product because of the impressive performance, safety and durability of the system.

“We pride ourselves on being the exclusive distributor of the best artificial baseball turf system,” said Luc Rochon, President of GTR Turf.

With a research partnership with several major universities, Shaw Sports Turf is the only company in the artificial turf industry with over 5 years of research and collection of baseball-specific data. Shaw Sports Turf focuses on athletic, surface and game sciences and has developed a turf system that is tailored to the specific needs of baseball. The approach to this puristic game differs from other sports. Each area of ​​the field should have different playing characteristics. The B1K system consists of 4 different types of turf tailored to mimic the performance of the warning lane, clay / slab, hill, infield and outfield. Shaw developed technology to provide players on the field with a consistent playing surface and benefits while enhancing the fan experience across the stadium.

The Edmonton Riverhawks, the 15th member of the West Coast League, will have the home advantage and play on the B1K system, which plays and mimics the performance of natural grass. The new field surface incorporates the highest quality materials found in major league baseball stadiums with the B1K system, such as Globe Life Field, home of the Texas Rangers, LoandepotPark, home of the Miami Marlins, Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and other MLBs Training institute.

The replacement of the artificial turf surface with the B1K, an innovative and advanced baseball system that is helping to transform the gaming experience, performance and safety for players.


GTR Turf has over 20 years of experience in the artificial turf industry with over 2000 successful installations. GTR Turf is the only Canadian general contractor serving the Canadian coast-to-coast market. With offices in Canada and the USA, GTR Turf prides itself on having the best equipment and the best trained team in the industry, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.


Shaw Sports Turf, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is one of the leading artificial turf companies in North America and has stood for quality and innovation field installations, NO fiber failures for more than two decades with over 3,500 successful installations, including an impressive list of high profile in the past 10 years.


For more information: Luc Rochon, President, GTR Turf, email: [email protected] Office: 1-877-456-8873 (225), Mobile: 450- 820-5000

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