Province Closes Edmonton Meals Inventory Firm

Alberta Health Services closed a food-sharing company in Edmonton that operated without government approval.

“We thought we were immune from their jurisdiction,” said Kian Parseyan, who started his food-sharing company called Scarf in September. “We didn’t expect it to escalate to such an extreme immediately.”

Parseyan said there was a mix of “sadness, disappointment and anger” from chefs and customers when Scarf ceased operations last month after receiving a cease and desist order. Alberta Health Services would not confirm that such an order was sent.

“We didn’t expect it to escalate to such an extent immediately,” said Parseyan. “You didn’t want to talk to us.”

Parseyan’s online project matched home cooks in Edmonton with people who could pre-order, prepay, and collect meals for around $ 11. Despite warnings from AHS in October, Scarf kept working.

“The operator’s actions have been unfortunate and have enabled AHS to take legal action to protect the public,” the health authority wrote Monday on an online blog titled “The health inspectors are here to protect you . “

“AHS has tried to work with the operator of SCARF. However, despite explaining the significant risk this operation would pose to Albertans, the operator decided to launch and launch the site without the consent of AHS or the Alberta government. “

AHS said people who work or work for an unauthorized food company could be sued or fined.

While not blaming the officials, Parseyan said the process revealed a gap between the growing shared economy and what he called the current practice of incremental regulation.

“It will absolutely not work with a sharing economy,” says Parseyan, who is now looking for a new job while working on the sale of the software platform. “You have to get there and try to regulate the whole sharing economy as a whole.”

He believed he lost about $ 60,000 to the company, including startup costs, expenses, and a year of unpaid labor.

“We took a risk,” said Parseyan. “We knew we were always taking a risk with it. And taking a risk is the best Edmonton can do, isn’t it? “

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