Order: Meals Vans Put together to Reopen as Restrictions Elevate in Edmonton

EDMONTON – As the city begins easing some of its COVID-19 restrictions, some grocery vendors are delighted that the plan includes food trucks.

“The fact that they released something before we had to get it out of them when the weather turned is pretty cool,” said Kara Fenske, Drift Food Truck Owner.

Many grocery sellers were pending, wondering how long their trucks and livelihoods would be idle.

“We lost weddings, festivals, events and everything,” said Wendy Gossen, who runs the Bully Food Truck.

In order to survive the pandemic, Bully Food Truck relies on private events. On Friday, they were hired by Ocean Trailer to offer truck drivers a free thank you lunch.

“We wear gloves, we wear masks, we try to protect ourselves and others,” said Gossen.

This now includes hand sanitizing stations for customers near the truck. Gossen believes they are ready to take to the streets in Edmonton to serve the public despite new rules.

The city will require food trucks to take physical distancing measures when customers queue and order. Spices and self-service seating are no longer allowed.

“As long as the customers stay two meters apart, I think that’s good,” says Gossen.

“We have a seating area in the market, but there won’t be one this year,” she added.

But with large gatherings and summer festivals banned this year, it will still hurt many vendors, according to Feske.

“Things are going to be slow moving forward, but I think people are willing to take on small businesses and support us as best they can,” she said.

Food trucks will be limited to street parking and parking lots in city parks.

Although permits are issued for food trucks, the city states that carts and other vendors typically set up on sidewalks have not yet received permits.

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