Oilers followers went HARD within the streets of Edmonton after smashing Calgary

Another Battle of Alberta at Rogers Place, another win for the Oilers, and another night of fans going hard in the streets to celebrate. We love to see it!

Fans piled out of Rogers Place after a 5-3 win in Game 4 of the second-round Stanley Cup Playoff series, taking to the streets to enjoy the dominating win that led to a 3-1 series edge.

We have, along with others, started to notice Calgary’s Red Lot hasn’t been drawing as many crowds, we wonder why!

The Moss Pit’s reaction to Nuge’s game-winning goal 👇#LetsGoOilers #CGYvsEDM #BattleofAlberta pic.twitter.com/z2DW05OjqH

— Tim and Friends (@timandfriends) May 25, 2022

Edmonton is a baddddddddddd ass place right now @TomGazzola #LetsGoOilers pic.twitter.com/MXnzfEXojo

— Maltesers (@KMalts11) May 25, 2022

#LetsGoOilers pic.twitter.com/qNgEFsVhfR

— WC (@W_82) May 25, 2022

Totally normal one downtown tonight. #LetsGoOilers pic.twitter.com/AU4lu5B8Vu

— T-Hup 🇺🇦 (@thupka1982) May 25, 2022

Watch to the end… The last guy is my hero! 😂 #letsgooilers pic.twitter.com/vtZuMHVbW2

— 🍣x-I’m turning Japanese, I really think so🦫 (@MikiSchmiki) May 25, 2022

THE MOSS PIT’S LEAKING #LetsGoOilers pic.twitter.com/kXVDt1hqud

— x-#BenPretty (@Pretty__G) May 25, 2022

No fans went as far as to ride the Stanley Cup attached to the Wayne Gretzky statue just feet from the doors of Rogers Place — that iconic statue was cordoned off due to events from Sunday’s post-game activities.

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