New “hotter” lighting illuminates the darkish winter skies of Edmonton

As part of an urban pilot program designed to brighten the dark winter months, more light is pouring into downtown Edmonton.

The exterior of the Edmonton World Trade Center will be re-lit as the first project in the Edmonton Creative Lighting Pilot.

“As a winter town, we have many, many months of darkness, and the more light we have, the livelier and happier it is,” said Janet Riopel, president of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, who runs the building.

“It makes people happy. A warm, welcoming feeling.”

The center on the corner of Jasper Avenue and 100 Street is receiving a $ 50,000 grant from the $ 250,000 creative lighting project, which focuses on listed buildings.

“We saw an opportunity to improve our lighting to be more street-friendly and pedestrian-friendly,” said Riopel on Friday.

More than throwing up a few lightbulbs

In the coming months, spotlights will illuminate the pillars of the facade of the commercial center and diffuse onto the sidewalk.

The lights will be programmable and change color so the chamber can celebrate various events such as Canada Day and the Pride Parade.

“It’s more complex than just throwing up a couple of lightbulbs,” said Sue Holdsworth, Edmonton’s WinterCity coordinator.

“It’s about the strategic use of lighting and the light pollution and direction of the lights, the technology used and the effect it creates,” said Holdsworth. “That creates a warmer atmosphere.

“We can actually make our city darker with better lighting and have even more projects like the High Level Bridge (lights) that make our city more welcoming, fun and beautiful in winter.”

The program will bring together three projects valued at $ 50,000, with the remainder for smaller projects.

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