New high-speed trains are anticipated to attach Calgary and Edmonton in lower than 90 minutes

A new bullet train can get commuters from Calgary to Edmonton in less than 90 minutes.

Construction company EllisDon has proposed a new high-speed rail project that would connect Edmonton, Deer, and Calgary.

The project, called Prairie Link, is a partnership between EllisDon and AECOM, an infrastructure consultancy.

The project has received a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from Alberta Transportation, which lays the foundation for the next stage of development.

“The term high-speed rail – a technology that has been tried and tested worldwide – connects Edmonton, Deer, and Calgary in Alberta is not new, but we believe its time has come, ”said Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, Project Leader at Prairie Link.

“We have built a team that has both the capacity and the confidence in the future of our province to advance it meaningfully for Albertaner.”

According to the project’s website, Prairie Link would stimulate economic growth through “thousands of jobs” and reduce CO2 emissions by nine million tons in 30 years.

The high-speed line has a planned travel time of less than 90 minutes and would “dramatically reduce” traffic jams by taking up to 2.8 million cars off the road.

EllisDon noted that it has already engaged indigenous communities and established an advisory committee to guide the development of the project.

Prairie Link has an estimated cost of capital of $ 9 billion and would take seven to nine years to build.

“We are committed to the intergenerational prosperity of our indigenous partners,” said Hansen-Carlson.

“We are committed to the regional prosperity of Edmonton, Deer, and Calgary as well as every county in between. “

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