New culinary vacation spot in central Edmonton brings recent experiences


A new destination in central Edmonton helps showcase alternating local restaurants and food trucks.

Located at 12320 107 Avenue, The Lot has four anchor restaurants but brings together other vendors, food trucks, and local retail pop-ups to connect in their parking lot for a rotating delicious dining experience.

Hon Leong, the developer of The Lot, described the food destination as a paradise for food trucks, vendors and gourmets.

Prior to the pandemic, Leong planned to build a community and micro-food hub on the site that would allow a rotating grocery store and local businesses to sell their wares.

Although COVID-19 made the construction of an indoor area inaccessible for Leong, it did not detract from his vision to build a community hub.

“Because of COVID, we unfortunately had to turn around – just like everyone else,” said Leong.

“Instead of building the pond and then putting the fish in it, I thought we’d just get the fish and build the pond later.”

Inspired by similar places in Portland where rotating food trucks and anchor vendors help encourage people to try new food, Leong said he founded The Lot to bring together great food, entertainment and local businesses for people to enjoy .

The site also features buskers, artists, concerts, and other entertainment.

The Lot’s four anchor restaurants include Dick’s Tater Ship, The Lot Ice Cream Shack, Fantasia Café, and Calle Mexico.

“There will be flavors for everyone,” Leong said. “This is a place for everyone. We have set up picnic tables so that everyone can sit here and feel accepted. “

According to Leong, The Lot will continue to be active during the winter months and will have a fireplace.

To see which vendors will be with The Lot at what time, visit their website.

Leong said the best way to enjoy The Lot is to come unprepared and let yourself be surprised by the variety of menus and offers.

“This is for the church,” he said. “It’s a great mix of the best Edmonton has to offer.”

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