Montana’s Edmonton web site to reopen after a month of renovationsCanadian Enterprise Franchise

Montana’s has reopened its doors at its South Common location in Edmonton after it closed for a complete renovation.

“We are very excited to showcase our newly renovated restaurant and showcase some of the best Canadian BBQs,” said Cliff Brower, franchise owner of the locally owned South Common, Montana location. “Come and celebrate better days with us at Montana’s in South Common.”

To celebrate the reopening of this location, the brand will partner with Food Banks Canada October 4-10, donating two meals for every take-away or take-away order.

“We’re proud to bring our updated look to the South Edmonton area to serve you, where we express our BBQ roots and our home cooking offerings,” said Mark Sozanski, Vice President Operations, Montana’s. “Escape to a place that will take you back in time to come as you are, eat with your hands and friends, and create lifelong memories.”

The reopening comes in time for customers to celebrate the holidays and enjoy the restaurant’s seasonal steak event from October 18 to January 10.

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