Minus what? Edmonton forecast for October 4-10

October in Edmonton can be beautiful. Usually the weather is sunny with a chill, but eventually we reach this dreaded territory in the weather forecast when the sub-zero temperatures creep in.

We have been in this range since this week, with a night low of -1 ° C expected. Here is Edmonton’s forecast for October 4-10.

Monday and Tuesday stay in their middle teens, with some cloud cover and night lows of 5 ° C and 4 ° C.

It starts to cool down in the middle of the week, with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all within the 10 ° C to 11 ° C mark. How cool!

Environment Canada

We see the lively -1 ° C mark overnight on Thursday, October 7th, and Friday night is also flirting with minus territory with an overnight low of zero.

However, things could get worse on October 7th. In 2016 it was -5.6 ° C, according to Environment Canada, the coldest temperature for the day since records began in 1996.

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