Metropolis of Edmonton’s free compost helps your backyard develop

Starting Sunday, May 8, residents will be able to pick-up free City of Edmonton compost from the Ambleside and Kennedale Eco Stations. This service, launched in 2021, has been made possible through the City’s curbside collection program and the efforts of Edmontonians to sort and set out yard waste separately from other waste.

The compost is a result of processing yard waste that has been collected on yard waste collection days or dropped off at Eco Stations. The compost giveaway supports the City’s waste diversion efforts and encourages residents to continue to separate their waste, demonstrating shared leadership to help preserve our natural environment.

City of Edmonton Compost is graded Category A, meaning it is suitable for landscaping, gardening, tree and shrub planting and top dressing. It creates a tremendous soil conditioner that can help your gardens grow. In 2021, over 10,000 residents picked up 1,418 tonnes of compost from the Ambleside and Kennedale Eco Stations.

To collect compost, please bring your own shovel, pail(s), container(s) and/or bag(s). The maximum amount of compost that can be collected is 100 liters (approx. 67 kg), which is equivalent to five 20 liter (five gallon) pails, two 50 liter plastic tubs, or two regular-sized garbage bags. To lift compost safely into a vehicle, it is recommended to have another person help. If using the bed of a truck, be sure to secure the material with a tarp.

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