Meals scrap cart assortment in Edmonton modifications to summer time frequency

As Edmonton inches closer to summer, the organic waste collection in the city will shift to a weekly basis next week.

Starting March 29, neighborhoods will move to the spring/summer waste collection schedule, where food scrap carts will be collected once a week. Garbage and recycling pickup frequency will not change, the city says.

“Through weekly collection, the spring/summer collection schedule helps manage odors in the food scraps cart during warmer months and accommodates for higher volumes of yard waste,” the city said in a statement.

During the winter, food scraps were gathered biweekly. According to the city, seasonal collection shifts help control the cost of delivery for waste pickup and “maintain stable rates.”

To view when your neighborhood switches to the spring/summer waste collection frequency, visit the city’s website.

Last spring, the city moved 250,000 single-unit homes to the cart-based collection system.

In January this year, the city reported early data indicating landfills received approximately 30 per cent less trash since the new system was adopted, with 98 per cent of carts being left correctly by residents.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Sean Amato

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