Meadows Rec Middle’s pool is closing once more as a consequence of extra cracks within the tiles – Edmonton

After the pool at the Meadows Community Recreation Center was closed for almost a year, it needs to be closed again to fix more cracked tiles.

The tile problem was first discovered during a warranty inspection 10 months after the southeast Edmonton Recreation Center opened when the city found that some of the water deck tiles were cracked and deteriorating.

The pool area was closed for nine months from September 2015 to June 2016 to replace the mortar bed and all cover tiles.

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More damaged tiles have been discovered since the pool reopened a little over a year ago. As a result, the water center will be closed after the long Labor Day weekend to replace them. The city expects the pool to be closed for about a month from September 5th.

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The city said an investigation by tile experts has highlighted a number of potential issues, including installation, faulty tiles and cleaning equipment.

Hard tires on cleaning machines are being replaced by soft tires.

“PCL has done an excellent job working with us to develop a solution together,” said Jesse Banford, director of facility infrastructure delivery for the City of Edmonton.

Banford said the “spider cracks” had been discovered on a small percentage of the tiles and the city wanted to repair the surface while it was still under warranty.

“We know there is frustration,” he said. “We want to make sure this is approached in the most efficient way.”

The pool at the Meadows Community Recreation Center in southeast Edmonton.

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The city said, unlike the 2015/2016 closure, when the mortar bed and cover slabs had to be replaced, this replacement only affected the damaged ones. All other on-site facilities will remain open while the pool is closed.

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Enza Ritacco said the closure was inconvenient for her and her friends.

The Meadows is in her neighborhood and the pool is clean and warm for her seven and a half month old daughter Arya.

“It’s annoying to be honest,” said Ritacco. “I feel like this is a whole new facility. Why is it closed a second time? “

The city said even though only a small number of tiles are being replaced, they take time to harden.

Alternative nearby facilities that swimmers can use during closure include the Mill Woods Recreation Center, Terwillegar Community Recreation Center, Hardisty Fitness and Leisure Center, and Confederation Leisure Center.

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The city said it would send a letter to eligible annual and rolling monthly membership card holders explaining how they would be housed during the closure.

Monthly pass holders receive a refund and annual pass holders extend their membership for one month.

According to the city, there are no construction costs for the repair.

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The Meadows Community Recreation Center and Meadows Library opened on November 27, 2014. The center has a 25-meter, 10-lane fitness pool, two NHL-sized indoor lanes, outdoor baseball diamonds, paths and lanes, an indoor play area, including a fitness center and library.

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