“Library lovers” can revisit the sidewalks anyplace within the Edmonton Public Library

Edmonton-All branches of the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) were able to reopen the door for direct searching on Monday.

Angelica Thompson, EPL Millwoods Office Manager, said:

Those who go to the library have access to public computers, printing and scanning services and direct support from library staff.

“To put barriers and masks on our buildings so that people can be safely housed in remote locations, we believe this will make all the difference to the world,” said Thompson. Told.

According to Thompson, each library has its own capacity limits as required by the Fire Services Act. That’s 30%. The Millwoods branch can accommodate up to 60 people at a time.

Thompson told CTV News Edmonton that library staff have been closed and are used to putting everything online. The return of people to the building therefore felt “a little strange” but was welcomed.

“We were still doing things transactionally,” she said. “But now you can do things in a transformative way, by opening the library door again.

“If you don’t walk down the library hallway and come across the perfect object that you didn’t know would change your life, you are missing out.”

Thompson told CTV News that several courses and events at the Summer Reading Club, which begins June 26, will continue in force and in person.

Mr Thompson said business hours had changed as all branches reopened. It is best to check online beforehand.

“Library lovers” can revisit the sidewalks anywhere in the Edmonton Public Library

Library Lovers Source Link can revisit the sidewalks anywhere in the Edmonton Public Library

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