LeBron James showered the Edmonton neighborhood with reward after shocking youngsters with a basketball hoop

Like most children his age, Edmonton teenager Anthony Muobike spent his afternoons dribbling around his neighborhood while pretending to knock 10-foot-long buzzers like Steph Curry over. But without a basketball hoop in his driveway, the 14-year-old’s dreams often felt elusive. That is, until his neighbor, Ian Ray, noticed how much he devoted himself to his craft and became active.

“He’s a good boy,” Ray told Canada’s CTV News. “He’s always doing his own thing. He never causes trouble. “

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Then on August 15, Ray posted to a local Facebook group asking if someone could donate a tire to the cause.

He was inundated with offers of donations and basketball nets, and shortly thereafter car dealer Canadian Tire stepped in and gave Anthony the basketball hoop he had long wanted. And to sweeten the pot, the cash donations went to a $ 750 Sport Chek gift card so Anthony could have everything he needs to be successful on the pitch.

“I didn’t expect it to explode like this,” Ray admitted. “But the north side is a pretty strong community.”

How did Anthony react to such a great gift?

“I was absolutely surprised,” he told CTV News. “I thought when I came here to dribble this ball it was going to make a bat and people would hate it. To find out, I don’t know how many, probably many, believe in me and they give me that […] that really touches my heart. “

Ray surprised the family with his generosity earlier this week, and it sounds like Anthony’s mother, Leticia Muobike, still can’t believe her son received such a great blessing.

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“I’m still trying to process it, I’m speechless,” she said. “Thank you so much to everyone who has thought about this, who has helped in any way. He didn’t sleep last night because he came down to see if the tire was still there. “

As for Anthony, now that he has a tire in the driveway, he has a unique goal in mind.

“You will see me out there in the NBA,” he said. “You will find me there.”

One person who can’t wait to wait to arrive is four-time NBA champion LeBron James.

“It’s pure and beautiful,” LeBron wrote on Instagram. “This community is incredible. Nobody can fulfill their dreams alone. Anthony, keep working, boy. You have another fan in me. “

It really takes a village, and luckily, Anthony is surrounded by the kind of love so many of us crave. At The Root we wish Anthony all the best as he pursues his tire dreams and hopefully one day I will have the privilege of writing about his exploits in the NBA.

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