Lacombe’s pleasant most important road is a must-see outdoors of Edmonton

A hidden street in a town outside of Edmonton has that perfect vintage Instagram post with a look that almost echoes the classic New York vibe.

The crown jewel of Lacombe’s main street is the Flatiron Building.

Constructed in 1904 in the style of the Fuller Building from 1902, now known as the Flatiron Building in New York, the building is not only the oldest Flatiron building in Alberta, but in the very west of Canada.

The three-story triangular brick and sandstone building sits on a prominent corner of a triangular block in downtown Lacombe. You can’t miss it!

Provincial Flat Iron Building Historic Resource (date unknown)
Glenbow Archives, NA-3026-42

Lacombe’s main street is also full of Edwardian buildings. It’s almost like stepping back in time to the turn of the century.

Don’t worry if you get the perfect photo in front of the Flatiron building and crave more grams of content. There are six other designated provincial historic buildings scattered throughout the downtown core of the city.

It is best to visit in summer when it is sunny and warm; However, visiting in the fall or winter can feel like walking down a main street in New York without leaving the provinces.

There are cute shops all along the main drag, so have a coffee or visit an antique shop while you are there.

When you’re done admiring the beautiful architecture, stroll the streets and pose in front of a barrage of murals. The city literally refers to itself as “Alberta’s Mural Capital”, with murals describing its long history.

Street New York classics

Regional tourism in Lacombe

Lacombe is about 125 kilometers south of Edmonton.

So get into your vehicle and drive off. It’s a little city visit not to be missed.

For delicious day trips, check out the Donut Windmill near Edmonton.

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