Households transfer to Blatchford as improvement continues within the sustainable Edmonton neighborhood – Edmonton

Edmonton is selling the former urban airport site as a sustainable, inner-city community like no other, and people are buying.

“Here in Blatchford, the vision is to create one of the world’s largest sustainable communities,” said Adam Laughlin, city assistant manager for infrastructure.

“It will be home to up to 30,000 Edmontonians.”

Today only 11 families call the neighborhood home. But these homes are stylish and environmentally conscious and have been designed according to an environmentally friendly building law.

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“The first phase of this development aims to use 100 percent renewable energy, to be climate neutral and to give residents the opportunity to make a number of sustainable life choices,” said Laughlin.

That drew Kim McLeod-Ireland to the area.

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“My reason was more the net zero point, the availability of geothermal units and solar panels, a bit more energy conscious for our environment,” she said.

Instead of a natural gas stove, McLeod-Ireland’s house draws heat from the ground using a geothermal heat pump.

Her family moved to the ward in January and are among the first to take root in Blatchford.

“We’ll be able to say to our kids and grandchildren, ‘Hey, we were here first, look at these pictures and see how it has grown.’ I look forward to it.”

So far, she has loved the pedestrian zone in the district.

“We have no parking spaces and no cars in front of our houses – it will all be a walk in the community,” she said, pointing to paths from her front window.

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Her husband, Sam Ireland, said that as a real estate agent, the cost of the house took him a break first – until he considered other ways to save money.

“The initial cost of the stickers was higher, but the monthly cost will likely be lower in the long run,” he said.

He is also happy about the central location.

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“If I don’t commute an hour every day to get home, I have an extra hour to spend with my children and my wife.”

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Tegan Martin-Drysdale is the President of Ocheller Homes, one of three companies building Phase 1 homes.

She has been advocating this development for almost a decade.

“When the conversation came from Blatchford – the closure of the airport – the opportunity was unprecedented. Five hundred and thirty-six acres in the heart of a downtown area, ”she explained.

“You have Kingsway Mall, you have the hospital right there, you have downtown five minutes away. They have bike paths that connect you to the river valley to the south. And that before anything was commercially developed or any convenience was in the community itself, ”she said.

The community is also connected to local public transport.

“As soon as the LRT comes, I will definitely be using it to visit places,” said 16-year-old Cayson Ireland.

Martin-Drysdale said her company is building eight residential units in the first phase – five of which have already been sold.

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“Sales are strong because we’re opening our show home here in the next two weeks and we expect it to sell out as soon as our show home is available for people to walk in and see.”

She added that the community will be upheld as a model for future residential development.

“All eyes are on Blatchford right now. From other communities and I see it as a privilege to build there. “

And although the pandemic is preventing new neighbors from congregating, the area’s first residents are connecting through social media.

“The people here have been really nice and like-minded people so far because we’ve all been looking for this eco-friendly community,” said Cayson.

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