Housebreaking on the Native Friendship Heart in Edmonton

Thousands of dollars in gift certificates were withdrawn from the Canadian Native Friendship Center early Wednesday morning. Photo: Canadian Native Friendship Center

Many single parents who depend on this help need additional help from the community.

UPDATE: from the Canadian Native Friendship Center’s Facebook page

“WE THOUGHT THE CARDS BACK !!! YAY !! Thanks to everyone who donated. The perpetrators took some of our other resources, but the meal cards are now safe. All donations so far have replenished what was stolen! Please share !! “

Employees at the Canadian Native Friendship Center in Edmonton arrived at work Wednesday morning and found their front door kicked, glass smashed and desks tipped over. The perpetrators left a huge mess.

Several thousand dollars in gift certificates for the food security program were missing.

Windspeaker Radio spoke to the center’s director, Ron Walker. He says the grant received that was used to fund the gift cards is no longer available. They were intended for superstores, Walmart, Safeway, and other stores that some low-income families shop for.

Walker was upset and worried for the children that the center would not be able to help with food and other necessities.

“I just don’t understand humanity sometimes. We’re just trying to do our best to help our people and when that happens it just tears me apart, ”said Walker.

“Especially with COVID and everyone who is crazy about wearing masks and everything, and besides, our people need the help so badly because it’s not … we’re all just trying to crawl around and we’re also trying to get help and resources.

“And I just think about those little kids who will go without … Sorry,” Walker said, suppressing tears.

“I just think about these little kids who will get by without food and everything else, and it just kills me. I’m sorry to cry like that, but it just kills me. ”

Walker sends a message to whoever did this.

“I hope you needed it more than all the hundreds of people we could have helped with these gift cards and resources. I hope that it will help you on your life path or something because it has really influenced a lot of people. “

He asks people to report it if anyone tries to sell some gift cards or hears something about the crime. Report it to the downtown police, he said. You now have an open file there.

Walker says they need to clean up and repair the damage before it can be opened to the public again.

Donations are welcome and electronic transfers can be made to the Finance Officer at [email protected] or donated through

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