HBO’s The Final of Us is filmed in Edmonton and the pictures are wild

Another day, another update on the Alberta-filmed HBO series The Last of Us. If you’ve followed, you’ve heard and seen sightings in Calgary, but it appears that production recently moved to Edmonton! Look forward to your eyes, fans, because photos from the set have just been shared on Twitter and if you weren’t excited before, you will be now.

Considered one of the most expensive TV shows of all time, The Last of Us follows smugglers Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsay), who together try to escape a post-apocalyptic America. This particular story is actually based on a video game of the same name that sold 17 million copies worldwide in 2008.

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As you can imagine, the general audience can expect rubble, rubble, ash, and drama as the story progresses – while the Albertanian audience can expect all of that, but in their backyard and on their screens.

Though the very first photo of the show (which was posted last week) shows something quieter, photos posted on a popular fan page show a set far crazier than the grassy hills and CGI plane wreck you see above.

First pics from the set of The Last of Us HBO in Edmonton, AB, CA!

📸 Slowclimb

– The Last of Us on HBO Status (@HBOsTheLastofUs) October 5, 2021

The Last of Us universe comes to life on HBO and it looks so beautiful!

📸 Heckaldhttps: //

– The Last of Us on HBO Status (@HBOsTheLastofUs) October 6, 2021

With upturned cars, cement barricades, and dust, downtown Edmonton’s downtown has changed completely, and frankly, if it looks this good through an iPhone lens, imagine what it will look like with a little Hollywood magic. Fortunately, we just have to wait until 2022 to find out!

Greetings to those in the buildings and on the ground sharing photos of anything and everything TLOU – keep it up, team, you guys are great.

Everyone else, keep your eyes open! You never know when or what you will see in and around your area.

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