Golf carts price 1000’s stolen from Omaha

EDMONTON, Neb. (AP) – In the city of Omaha, eight golf carts valued at more than $ 50,000 have been stolen from two of its public golf courses in the past few weeks, reflecting a trend across the country.

Four golf carts were stolen from Elmwood Park Golf Course on March 14, the Omaha World-Herald reported on Friday. Another four were stolen from The Knolls golf course further west on April 22nd.

City Golf Manager Bob Baber said the carts were parked outside and tied with security cables when they were stolen in the middle of the night. The cars are valued at approximately $ 6,300 each.

Bader said the city is adding security measures and trying to increase the size of the storage sheds so that all golf carts can be locked in them at night.

Caleb Amundson, a founding partner of Golf Cart Resource in Scottsdale, Ariz., Said his company estimates 25,000 golf carts are stolen in the United States each year.

“It’s a pretty easy way to make a profit,” said Amundson. “You take the golf carts to another state, make some changes to the wheels, body, or seat, and you have a custom golf cart for sale.”

Golf cart theft is so widespread that Golf Cart Resource launched online registration for stolen carts six months ago.

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