Gintaro Japanese Kitchen just lately opened in Edmonton

Gintaro Japanese Kitchen, a spot for high-quality fusion sushi, recently opened in Edmonton.

Located at 11850 145 Avenue NW, this new concept has a large menu filled with Japanese specialties, with a focus on sushi rolls.

There are many options for appetizers, salads, sides, soups, teppanyaki, katsu, rice dishes, noodle bowls, and even more here.

Different options for karaage, including the deep-fried boneless squid leg, are one way to go, or something extremely unique you might want to try would be the fried salmon neck or the grilled whole BBQ eel served with veggies.

Or just go for a bento box and try a bunch of things.

The food items you can’t pass up while dining here are the different sushi options. There are many different combinations to try, including rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and more. Classics rolls are certainly available, but the specialty rolls are absolutely wild.

There are fried rolls, like the Unagiya made with avocado, crabmeat, cream cheese, unagi, and salmon. The Cowboy Roll here is battered and packed with grilled beef, BBQ and house mayo sauce, cucumber, and green onion. There are nearly 20 different rolls in the “fantastic rolls” section of the menu.

The Monkey’s Tear is rolled with cream cheese, smoked salmon, asparagus, crab, unagi, salmon, and tobiko, and there’s even one called the Calamari Tower Roll, with avocado, crab meat, salmon, and fried squid.

Whether you visit this new spot by yourself or with a group of people, go hungry.

Gintaro Japanese Kitchen

Address: 11850 145 Avenue NW, Edmonton

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