Gasoline costs are approach decrease in north Edmonton and an professional defined why

If you’ve taken a cruise around the city, you may have noticed that gas prices are way lower in north Edmonton than in the rest of YEG.

According to the GasBuddy app, locations across north Edmonton are hovering around the $1,319 per liter mark, with Costco sitting at $1,279.


Compare that to prices at the pump across south Edmonton, where prices are in the $1,419 to $1,449 per liter price range.


So, what gives?

Daily Hive reached out to one gas price analyst regarding the price difference and what might be behind it.

“It costs most stations $1.31 to replace the fuel they’re selling,” said Dan McTeague, creator of Gas

“At $1.31.9, you’ve got to believe those stations are making a killing on selling beef jerky, because, with credit card costs of 2-4%, they’re losing money selling gasoline,” McTeague added.

“The $1.44 stations are at the high end of the retail margin but not ripping anyone off as we saw throughout July when retail margins were 30 cents a liter.”

So, there you have it. If you are looking for a deal at the pumps, head to north Edmonton.

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