Fourth ground fireplace results in the evacuation of residence buildings in North Edmonton

EDMONTON – A balcony fire in the afternoon in an apartment building on the north side led to the evacuation of around 30 units on Thursday.

The fire broke out around 2:30 p.m. at Castle Court at 144 Avenue and 121 Street

A man who lives in a neighboring building said he originally believed someone was holding a campfire nearby.

“But then I looked out of my nephew’s window and saw the fire go up … About ten feet away, so I automatically knew it was going to spread,” Skylar Hanna, 29, told CTV News Edmonton.

Even though he had asthma, he ran next door to make sure everyone was outside.

“I got to the second floor where there was a lovely lady and her four-year-old daughter was holding a brand new baby, a newborn,” said the single father of two. “I got them out safely and then ran back in and just kept walking from floor to floor, door to door, hammering, ‘Get out, get out, it’s on fire.'”

“I was only thinking of children or the elderly.”


Hanna says he helped about five families. He believes that some residents disregarded the alarm as a test.

When he got to the top floor, he said, “It was so full of smoke that I was almost crawling on my hands and knees. I mean, I can’t breathe.”

But now the firefighters were coming up the other stairwell and he was able to turn around.

According to the fire department, it took the nine emergency services five minutes to arrive.

In the end, no injuries were reported.

The district captain said the fire was mainly focused on the roof of the building.

“Our interior assault team was in. You can hear it travel in the roof, it raced back and forth, and then the roof collapsed inside,” Brian Hoekstra told CTV News Edmonton on site.

According to the fire brigade, the fire was brought under control shortly before 8:30 p.m. and declared to have been extinguished about two hours later.

A total of 120 people were displaced. The city’s Emergency Support Response Team helped eight of these residents.

“When I was inside, I collapsed. Sad. Super sad,” said Hanna of the emergency.

He shook off the significance of his actions.

“Spread the love. I have to start worrying, ”he commented. “Because everyone is so focused on their phones and everything else.”

Crews were on site on Friday to fence off and examine the property.

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