First-time patrons select Edmonton townhouses from simply $ 444 per week bi

Switching from renting a home to buying your own can be difficult.

In a perfect situation, the mortgage payments would equal the monthly rent and you might feel like you are working on making this home your own.

With interest rates lower than they have been in years, buyers can finally buy their own home for a price similar to renting at Brookfield Residential.

Brookfield Residential

For those tired of renting, the townhouses at Grove on 25th at The Orchards and Vista Pointe at Chappelle Gardens offer the uncompromising opportunity first-time buyers have been waiting for.

These townhouses with two- and three-bedroom units up to 1,435 sq ft start at as low as $ 200,000 or just $ 444 bi-weekly – with options to suit different price ranges depending on your budget.

Two people who chose to take advantage of the low interest and low mortgage payments are Brookfield employees – Daniella T. and Ilana Staniscia. They were both so excited about the product their company was selling that they decided to buy it themselves.

Brookfield Residential

“I didn’t want my job at Brookfield Residential to induce me to buy the wrong house for me, so I looked at tons of homes in town from other builders,” said Daniella T. “Ultimately, nothing compared to Brookfield , “She added.

Staniscia bought her house for the price but also for the style. “I fell in love with the layout, it checked all of my boxes! The price was within my budget and I could imagine living and making the space my own, ”she said.

The row houses and the surrounding community are the ideal opportunity to make your home your own. With thoughtful details and features, any homebuyer can personalize their space to best express themselves.

Brookfield Residential

The easy-care lifestyle of Brookfield Residential Communities means you’ll never have to worry about mowing grass or shoveling snow again – these things are done for you.

In the meantime, in any home, you can upgrade your space with a curated interior design choice. All new townhouses have quartz countertops, luxury vinyl plank floors, and a smart home package – at no additional cost.

“I chose the device based on my needs and came up with a corner device,” says Staniscia. “I loved choosing my own colors and interiors. I loved that flexibility and three years later I’m still happy with my choices! ”She added.

Brookfield Residential

The open interiors evoke a comfortable living space for relaxing, working and entertaining – but also the community around the row houses. Both communities are close to shops, parks, and trails to explore.

“I think The Orchards is the perfect community for every stage of life. At my stage, I enjoy the growing commercial opportunities, proximity to South Common, proximity to Anthony Henday and the walking trails / scenic ponds. There are schools, playgrounds and lots of other families for young families, ”said Daniella T.

There are also plenty of amenities for you to enjoy.

Brookfield Residential

Both Chappelle Gardens and The Orchards offer exclusive access to the Residents’ Association with various events and programs. This gives you the opportunity to take yoga classes, take cooking classes, watch movies in the park, enjoy musical entertainment, enjoy game nights, and hang out with the neighbors by the log fire. If you are a resident of Chappelle Gardens, you can also grow vegetables in the community garden.

There’s also an NHL-sized hockey rink, tennis courts, and more that encourage a fun and active lifestyle year round.

Brookfield Residential

For both Daniella T. and Ilana Staniscia, the beautiful townhouses and community life were the reasons they chose Brookfield Residential – but it’s the fantastic low cost opportunity that allowed them to pull it off.

“With mortgage rates this low, renting just doesn’t make sense right now,” said Daniella T. “To put it in perspective, I paid over $ 1,500 lump sum to rent a 500-square-foot condominium. I loved my condo, but decided that it just didn’t make sense financially to spend that much monthly and not build up equity. I wanted to get a mortgage at as low an interest as it is now. I am now paying hundreds less a month to own my own apartment instead of renting it and I can build up equity in the process, ”she added.

Staniscia also felt the decision to buy a townhouse with Brookfield Residential was a natural one. “The feeling of having your own home in a premium community is like no other. The best thing about The Orchards is that no matter your budget, you can find a home there. There’s an exclusivity that comes with buying a home in an area that has amenities only available to residents of The Orchards. It makes you proud of your home and makes you feel welcome, ”she said.

Brookfield Residential

Daniella T. appreciated how inexpensive and enjoyable the overall process was.

“It was so easy to find a couple of floor plans that I liked, have the sales team take a look at them, and make a decision,” she said.

“Aside from the mortgage application page, Brookfield Residential did it all. They worked with my lender on everything – all I had to do was sign the offer and it was all taken care of. I was also relieved to save legal fees. When you buy a home at Brookfield Residential, they give homebuyers access to their in-house attorney, and that’s a huge cost saving – between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 – that you can’t put on your mortgage, ”she added.

With renting and buying more comparable than ever, now is the perfect time to explore Edmonton home ownership options.

To learn more about the townhouses at Grove on 25th in The Orchards and Vista Pointe in Chappelle Gardens, visit the Brookfield Residential website.

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