Finest ramen in Edmonton that you must strive at the very least as soon as

It’s getting colder out so it’s likely you’ve been thinking about where to find the best ramen in Edmonton.

Broth, noodles, and tons of options for meat, veggies, eggs, and other toppings combine to create what basically tastes like a hug in a bowl. It’s the perfect cure for a cold day.

Whether you’re looking for a filling lunch, a comforting dinner, or a delicious late-night snack, ramen is always a good idea. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing options in YEG for this popular Japanese dish.

Here are 10 spots to find the best ramen in Edmonton.

Yutaka Japanese Bistro & Bar

This is a place for Japanese appetizers, cheese and pickle-focused dishes, house-made ramen, cocktails, and more.

The homemade tonkatsu ramen pork broth takes a whopping 20 hours to make.

Address: 10532 82nd Avenue NW, Edmonton


Tokiwa Ramen

All of the bowls of soup here, from the 10-hour pork broths to the six-hour chicken soups, come with wood ear mushrooms, half-boiled egg, bean sprouts, Shanghai bok choi, and green onion.

Even better? It’s in the brewery district.

Address: 11978 – 104th Avenue, Edmonton


Kazoku Ramen

This is one of the. most popular spots in Edmonton for authentic Japanese appetizers, curry, and of course, ramen.

There are so many options here, like dry ramen to take home, creamy bone broths, spicy gomae, salt soup, and many more.

Address: 16518 100th Avenue NW, Edmonton


Dorinku Osaka

This is a staple spot in Edmonton, one of the best ramen spots in Edmonton, and an easy way to transport yourself to the streets of Tokyo.

The menu is made up of fun street food, but also creative twists on classic ramen bowls, like the miso black and chicken truffle options.

Address: 10328 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton


Yoshi Express

There are three different types of ramen bowls here, along with so many other fantastic street food options.

There is a tonkotsu, spicy tonkotsu, and shoyu, all made with homemade broths and sauces, along with interesting ingredients from black fungus to pork chashu.

Address: 10443 82nd Avenue NW, Edmonton


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