Finest new eating places that opened in Edmonton this yr

The dining scene in YEG is flourishing with people still excited to try the best new restaurants in Edmonton.

Yes, there have been some sad closures, but there is no shortage of great restaurants in YEG.

The only difficult part is keeping track of them all, and knowing which new food spots are worth going to, and which ones might not be for you. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite gems that opened this past year.

These are some of the best new restaurants in Edmonton that opened in 2022.

California Pizza Kitchen

The famous California Pizza Kitchen restaurants have finally made their way into Canada, with Edmonton chosen as the lucky first city.

The massive international food chain announced back in November 2021 that it would be expanding into Canada, and people can finally get their hands on their tasty, delicious dishes.

Address: 5260 Windermere Boulevard NW, Edmonton


Pal’s Sandwich Bar

This highly anticipated sandwich bar has been in the works for a long time and it’s finally opened its doors.

Located in Old Strathcona, this is a must-try spot with fresh sandwiches, sides, drinks, and more.

Veggie sandwiches on fresh bread, packed with sprouts and house-made spreads will be available, and so will Cubanos, egg salad, and Italian sandwiches with cheese on muffuletta, a Sicilian sesame bread.

If you’re craving a house-made meatball sub on fresh bread baked with melted cheese and marinara sauce, then this is the spot to hit.

Address: 10335 – 83rd Avenue, Edmonton


Yutaka Japanese Bistro & Bar

This is a place for Japanese appetizers, cheese and pickle-focused dishes, house-made ramen, cocktails, and more.

It just soft-opened on September 6 at 10532 82nd Avenue NW.

The menu concept is modern-style Japanese food to pair together with handcrafted cocktails. A few of the food items include pressed sushi, fusion-style sashimi, fried chicken bao sandwiches, and the signature Moji Baked Curry Pan rice.

There is also a homemade tonkatsu ramen pork broth that takes 20 hours to make. The baked curry is made with buttered rice, sweet corn, egg, ribs, and cheese for the ultimate gooey pull.

Address: 10532 82nd Avenue NW, Edmonton


Seoul Fried Chicken — Downtown

With one spot already at 7904b 104th Street NW, this new downtown outpost is located at 10145 104th Street NW.

Known for its menu filled with various flavours of Korean fried chicken, sides, salads, and beer, this is an exciting new addition to the growing KFC brand.

Address: 10145 104th Street NW, Edmonton


Banh Mi Day

Specializing in these tasty sandwiches, small bites, and pho noodle soup, this is a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant serving authentic recipes in YEG.

Address: 11765 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


Boardwalk Fries Burgers Shakes

Boardwalk Fries Burgers Shakes, a very popular burger chain inspired by the summer vibes of the world-famous Ocean City Boardwalk, just opened a new location in Edmonton.

From the Boardwalk Classic to the Hawaiian topped with lettuce, tomatoes, teriyaki grilled pineapple, cheddar, and mayo, there are six different burgers on the menu here. There are also several options for chicken, fish, and veggie burgers.

Address: 2578 Guardian Road NW, Calgary


Khazana Restaurant

Located at 184 Mistatim Road, this marks the third location for the casual dine-in restaurant, with the other two in downtown and the Windermere community.

Available for lunch and dinner, Khazana has become well known for its delicious dine-in-only meal combos, a specialty fusion line with Eastern flavours, and several Indian-inspired pizzas.

Address: 184 Mistatim Road NW, Edmonton


Miss Korea Cafe

The main dishes here are served with two pieces of mandu, kimchi, plain rice, and seaweed beef soup. Bulgogi bibimbap, ramen bowls, spicy pork, and spicy chicken doshirak are just a few options available here.

The spot also offers tteokgalbi, an authentic dish made of grilled short rib patties that are minced and pounded to perfection.

Address: 10335A 100th Avenue NW, Edmonton


YunShang Rice Noodle

Some of the most popular noodle dishes here are the spicy and sour rice noodle soup with beef and enoki mushroom, the Chinese sauerkraut fish noodle soup, and the tomato rice noodle soup with beef slices.

Address: 10167 109th Street NW, Edmonton


Oomami Dog

This is YEG’s first restaurant specializing in kurobuta hot dogs, using pork with no preservatives. Kurobuta means “black pig” in Japanese, which means the most flavourful pork is used to make these wieners.

Address: 4112A Calgary Trail, Edmonton


Earl of Sandwich – Mayfair

This global spot has it all, like breakfast sandwiches, fresh subs, salads, wraps, and also the “world’s greatest hot sandwich.”

Address: 10083 109th Street NW, Edmonton


Remedy Cafe

The newest outpost has just opened in the HUB Mall on the University of Alberta campus.

Known for the large, bright rooms selling espresso-style coffee drinks, over 120 types of tea, a wide selection of beers, and tasty eats, another spot is always a welcome addition.

Address: HUB Mall – University of Alberta — 112th Street NW, Edmonton



K-PAPA is a new, authentic Korean restaurant that just opened in Edmonton.

Serving Korean cuisine, the food menu here has appetizers, grilled meat, soup, noodles, and so much more. There are even some amazing Korean desserts, like various “croffles” (croissants and waffles).

Address: 5728 104th Street, Edmonton


Choco N’ Dip

Choco N’ Dip is a frozen cheesecake-on-a-stick dessert concept that just opened Edmonton’s first branch.

In addition to frozen cheesecake on a stick, there are also frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, both of which are then topped with whatever delicious toppings you choose.

It’s located at West Edmonton Mall’s Entrance 8 and is just another great place to eat at the shopping centre.

Address: Entrance 8 – West Edmonton Mall – 8882 170th Street NW


Slow Pour

Specializing in serving unique beers from all over the world, this new spot’s mission is to constantly rotate and feature new beers, which will definitely keep things interesting.

In addition to IPAs, sours, lagers, stouts, and more, the menu will also feature natural wines, small plates, and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Address: 10416 122nd Street NW, Edmonton


Forno Flatbread Co.

Located at 3418 99th Street NW, this exciting new concept cooks up these pizzas and flatbreads in a flame-fired oven.

There are several classic and unique flatbread creations on the menu here, like zaatar, meat pie, cheese, spinach pie, and more. As for the pizzas, there are options like BBQ chicken, Hawaiian, pepperoni, and the Jalapestroni topped with cupped and charred pepperoni, jalapeno, and pesto ranch.

Address: 3418 99th Street NW, Edmonton


Mogouyan Hand-Pulled Noodles

This popular spot is known for its Lan Zhou traditional hand-pulled noodles. It’s trendy in Toronto with three locations, and the first one outside of Ontario just opened in Edmonton.

There are more than 10 different kinds of noodles bowls at Mogouyan.

Some of these dishes are served in a savoury broth, like the classic beef noodle bowl; some are stir-fried, like the signature noodles; and some are even served dried and flavoured, while others might be served cold.

This certainly seems like it could be one of the best new restaurants in Edmonton this year.

Address: West Edmonton Mall — 8882 170th Street NW, Edmonton


Tropical Sweets Cafe & Bar

This is the second location from the Smoking Barrels team, with the first being Cocina Latina, another Mexican and Colombian-inspired restaurant that also serves traditional smoked BBQ.

The menu at this new joint includes hot dogs, tamales, desserts, as well as cold and hot drinks.

Address: 10235 124th Street, Edmonton



From the Century Hospitality Group, behind popular restaurant concepts like Lux Steakhouse and MKT, is an exciting new addition to the YEG dining scene.

The space is filled with warm colours, dim lights, and art decorations found throughout. It looks like it’ll be a trendy spot with romantic vibes and a menu that appeals to all guests.

With the concept of “global fare,” this menu really does seem to take inspiration from all over the world. From the share plates to the wood-fired pizza to the long list of entrees, this is a destination restaurant to try as many items as possible.

Address: 10181 104th Street NW, Edmonton



Serving fun twists on nigiri, tempura, and other classic dishes, this place specializes in takoyaki.

The takoyaki at TAKOPO are the classic balls made with a dashi-infused batter, but with toppings that include wasabi, cheese, and creamy sesame, all with your choice of filling, like octopus, scallops, or mushrooms and corn.

Address: West Edmonton Mall – 8882 170th Street NW, Edmonton


Home and Away

Home and Away, already a staple for the Calgary bar scene, is a premier place for pre-game and post-game Oilers action whether you have tickets or not.

Sports and games are fantastic, but it’s the food that brings people back for every event. The menu features sporty comfort fare with fun twists, including inventive tacos, burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and so much more. It’s always a party here.

Address: 10363 104th Street NW, Edmonton


Hayloft Steak and Fish

Located in the Cameron Heights community, this is the spot in Edmonton for surf and turf.

A fine dining ambience and a menu with comforting steak and fish dishes will all be supplied by local farmers and mongers. The surf and turf menu has classic options with modern twists, like the BC spot prawn cocktail served with maple chipotle squash ketchup and entirely new creations, such as the crab kale and artichoke dip. There will also be a new woodshed burger to have the best of both worlds all in one place.

Address: 639 Cameron Heights Drive NW, Edmonton


Birch and Bear

Birch & Bear is a new West Coast-themed pizza, calzone, and salad spot that opened in Edmonton.

“The Birch” part of the menu offers original pizza creations that are vegan and vegetarian, while “The Bear” is for meat lovers. Some of the birch pizzas include classics like the margherita and exciting originals like the lemon-roasted kale and artichoke pizza or the parmesan and herb flatbread.

Pepperoni pizza is an option on the menu, but there’s also a Rueben and fries, wild smoked salmon, or the Korean bulgogi beef, to name a few.

Address: 11965 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


Fu’s Repair Shop

Fu’s Repair Shop is an original, high-concept bar with a seriously unique and delicious menu perfectly designed for a night out; this spot has the feel and looks of a New York or LA-based bar.

Address: 9902 109th Street, Edmonton


High Dough

Serving Detroit-style deep-dish pizza, High Dough provides a uniquely delicious type of pie that gives a one-of-a-kind experience in YEG. The pizzas are fun, the cocktails are original, the local beer list is long, and the dips absolutely have to be ordered with the meal.

The stacked pizzas with fun names here include classics with toppings like pepperoni, oregano, Grana Padano, mozza, and tomato sauce, but also so many fun ones like the Little Bit Country, made with roasted chicken, tomato, banana pepper, bbq sauce, pimento cheese, green onion, mozza, tomato sauce.

Address: 7341 104th Street, Edmonton


Sammies by Sodo

Sammies by Sodo is a new sandwich concept from the team behind the popular Sodo Bar that just launched in Edmonton.

Available for pick up and delivery, the menu at Sammies by Sodo has eight unique sandwiches, salads, sides, drinks, and more.

Address: 11011 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


P.F. Chang’s

At a whopping 6,000 sq/ft, this new outpost features an enclosed patio area, iconic murals, dynamic design elements, and stunning statues, like the large golden horse that greets you as you walk in.

Well-known for the exciting style of the wok-cooking method, some of the most popular made-from-scratch dishes the residents of Edmonton can look forward to trying are Chang’s spicy chicken, Mongolian beef, lettuce wraps, sushi, and so much more.

Address: 6303 Currents Drive NW, Edmonton


Leopard Pizza

This new joint serves up sourdough pizza, craft beer, natural wine, cocktails on tap, and soft-serve ice cream.

Pizza creations include classics like the Margherita and Hawaiian, but made with flare, like caramelizing the pineapple in IPA beer.

The tartiflette pizza sounds absolutely incredible, made with a bechamel sauce, Kennebec potato, appenzeller, fontina, pancetta, and onion.

Address: #170, 14053 West Block Drive, Edmonton


El Mero Mero Taqueria

There are 15 different kinds of tacos on the menu at El Mero Mero.

Slow-roasted pork in achiote — orange juice and garlic — marinade, cod fried in a spiced batter, and panko coconut breaded shrimp are just a few examples of what you’ll find stuffed into tortillas and steamed in a basket here.

This is definitely one of the best new restaurants in Edmonton.

Address: 12223 156th Street NW, Edmonton


Jack’s Burger Shack

Pictures don’t do justice to the size of the burgers at this new Edmonton spot.

Jack’s Burger Shack has 11 different burgers on the menu, all massive, and all delicious. There are options for standard burgers with familiar toppings, inventive vegetarian burgers, and unique creations with ingredients like peanut butter or cheese curds.

If you have any room left, there’s several different side options and nine flavours of milkshakes, like the cinnamon toast crunch or the Darth Vader.

Address: 10354 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


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