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With dinner at restaurants across Alberta officially being taken off the menu due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a local couple got creative to bring the experience of a restaurant into your own home.

The coronavirus has caused an uproar in the hospitality industry – and Vanessa Ojeda and Daniel De Oliveira were no exception.

The co-founders of Chef Table Living ran Edmonton bike food tours and took customers on a culinary journey through the city on two wheels.

They had to reorganize their business during the pandemic.

“We thought, ‘How do we want to support the locals? How do we want to do something that is still a behind the scenes experience and fun? ‘”Ojeda said.

“We came up with the idea of ​​creating a Chef Kit where you would get a license fee for every box sold and not have to do anything.”

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It’s a variation on the trendy food kits like Hello Fresh, Chef’s Plate and GoodFood, where raw ingredients are delivered to your doorstep according to recipe cards to prepare meals.

But instead of looking at a piece of paper, these local cooking kits let you cook with a professional chef via a pre-recorded video.

“You go through our step-by-step instruction video on how to prepare the dish. We deliver everything, all raw materials, all products that are delivered to your home, contactless, ”explains De Oliveira.

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If cooking isn’t your forte, Chef Table Living has also designed cocktail kits with how-to videos from local bartenders and virtual wine tastings with local sommeliers.

“Basically a night without going out while the restaurants are still supported,” said De Oliveira.

So far, a handful of prominent Edmonton restaurants have chosen to participate.

“We have Sabor, we have Blue Plate Diner, we have Why Not Cafe, the Italian center.”

De Oliveira said the restaurants are free of charge. Chef Table Living pays to shoot the video – and the restaurant gets $ 5 every time their food is sold.

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The chefs, bartenders and sommeliers show their favorite dishes and drinks in their videos.

“I make a kind of Japanese fusion – crispy glazed teriyaki chicken legs as the main course,” explains Chef Levi Biddlecombe. “Had fun with the pages there. We fry eggplants and grate cauliflower. “

He said he wants customers to try something new through his recipes.

“I’m just trying to get lots of fun, bright textures and flavors using techniques that people are not yet familiar with. I want people to learn when they do this. “

The King of Chef Kits comes at a critical time for Biddlecombe, whose Why Not restaurant was destroyed in a fire in early December.

“It’s going to be huge. Everything I can get my hands on right now helps. “

He sees the kits as a foretaste of a normal evening for families or couples who miss that experience.

“At a time like this, people need something to look forward to. People like to eat, they want good food and right now. If you don’t get takeaway, then you don’t eat like you used to, you can’t go out, ”said Biddlecombe.

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When the Chef Kits take off, De Oliveira and Ojeda hope to take them across the province and eventually nationwide, sharing Edmonton’s coast-to-coast food scene.

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